Centre espoir et joie ASBL

Changeons la société, pas les individus

Who we are?

«Centre Espoir et Joie» is an association who has been welcoming for 40 years adults with a severe or profound intellectual disability. Our institutional policy is fundamentally based on the United Nations Convention relative to the rights of handicapped persons. The main objectives are the self-fulfilment of the adults with an adapted accompanying in an environment that respects their differences.


The institution’s history starts in 1977. When of a working group of persons sensible to the issue of persons with intellectual disability, founded the «CENTRE ESPOIR ET JOIE ASBL». It first opened its doors as a day centre for 18 people.
In January 1979, this day centre got the approval for an second mission and also becomes an residential centre for 12 persons. A total of 30 adults with an I.D are welcomes in the 1980’s.

From 1992 to 1994, important extension and renovation works were made in order to adapt the two services to the modern norms of life. In 1996, the centre gets a second approval to raise the capacity of its residential facility from 12 to 16 people.
From July 2010 to June 2012, big works of renovation are made in order to adapt the residential buildings to an ageing handicapped population, more and more limited in mobility.
Today, the centre can welcome 34 adults to the day centre for activities and 16 adults to the adapted congregate housing.

40 years of agreement

Today, the day centre and the accommodation centre are authorised by the "Service Phare de la Commission communautaire Française de la Région Bruxelles-Capitale" (also called COCOF) and assure the welcoming and the taking over of 34 adults (all genders) presenting a severe to profound intellectual disability.

The centre’s residents can be distinguished in two sub-groups:

  1. The group of "young adults" : is composed of the youngest residents whose health and physical conditions allow their participations to diverse and dynamic activities.
  2. The “Elders” is composed of residents whose age, health, exhaustion threshold and tolerance don’t let them participate in the same activities as the "young adults". This group represents, in the residential centre, 70% of the persons (55 years old or more). In the day centre, this group represents about 40% of the total number of persons.

We propose individual and global care for the adult. Aiming to the well-being of the person and a quality of life (both material and psychological) to the best standards.

Concerning the ageing adults, we focus on their physical and affective needs, their desires and we adapt to their rhythm of life. The proposed framework offers warm and domestic atmosphere, the occupations are adapted and realised in small groups where an individual work in proposed.

We are constantly looking for new strategies to optimise the daily autonomy of the adult. Our life project is based on acceptance of differences and needs. We try our best to make sure of the quality of interpersonal relations between the residents and the staff who is, for us the driving force of self-fulfilment.

We also encourage self development by proposing an accompanying service where the human dimension is central. The quality of the relations work between accompanying person (educators, psychologists, paramedicals, ...) and the I.D persons is the fruit of a humanist deontology: being in authentic and positive communication with it, offers a constant disponilility by paying attention to their desires and needs, paying attention to each of the residents instead of reasoning in terms of group and collectivity.

Each residents has its own private space, decorated to their likings. Modern infrastructures allow to ensure good health care as well as quality of medical service.