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Sister Associations

In order to respond to the demand and reach a larger public, Mrs. Wulfowicz, our founder, also gave birth to two other non-profit associations. The first one is an accompanying service, certified by the PHARE service, for the lightly disabled. This association has as aim to promote autonomy of its beneficiaries in their everyday life in order to reach the best quality of life. This association also proposes accompanied residences always on the point of view of autonomy of the person. Currently, this association is working on consideration of its "leisure" mission. The second association that was driven by the wishes of our founder Mrs.Wulfowicz, is the "Cercle Sportif: Les Copains". This association proposes sport activities to a population that has severe to profound Intellectual deficiency in order to prepare them for the Special Olympics. The association organises two sports camps per year to prepare them to their best abilities to the event they are enrolled in. This association is certified by the ADEPS.