Centre espoir et joie ASBL

Changeons la société, pas les individus

Residential centre

Welcomes 16 adults of all genders.

In general, an effort has been made in the atmosphere of the centre in order for it to be as cosy and warm as possible. The living space and the common spaces have been adapted in order for it to be as comfortable as possible for the residents. Pictures of the residents, as well as pictures of special moments or event they have shared with their closed ones or the members of the staff decorate the walls of the centre (pictures of their holidays, music shows, representations in which they have participated, etc).

Concerning the resident centre, each adult has his/her own room. The room is adapted according to their disability and their level of health (nursing bed, grab bars, booster seat). Each room has a safe water spot that allow the adults to have a little wash in their own privacy. Particular attention is given to the personalisation of their rooms. Indeed, they are decorated in relation to their personality and taste. Effort is also put in order for elements of their personal life to be put forward in their room (family pictures, pictures with friends, objects with a sentimental value, etc). This brings us to the dimension of "life story", on what our accompaniement work is based upon. Material in relation to relaxation or the wellbeing can also be put in their rooms: Essential oil diffuser, lamp light beam, animated spotlight, etc. Furthermore, the adults can put things such as TV, radio, electric armchair, DVD player, etc. The adults can then buy CD or DVD that they like.

Welcoming of the relatives in the residence centre

They can come whenever they like after 4 PM. At that time, the residents have finished their activities in the day centre and are back to the residence centre and the atmosphere is calm. The residents can then welcome their family in the living room with a little snack or in their room to enjoy some privacy. The residents can also call their relatives when they want to.
A "Skype" project has also been put forward since January 2016. The project allows the residents to keep in touch with their families through Skype. It’s a free software that allows users to call or video call through internet. Ageing of closed ones and family is followed by less mobility. Others have moved to another country, or in areas far away from the institution. We realised that there was less and less contact with the families, which forced us to use modern technologies in order to keep the residents in touch with their loved ones.

Ageing of family and close ones can be difficult when move . Furthermore, other families have made the choice to move overseas or in regions further from the institution.