Centre espoir et joie ASBL

Changeons la société, pas les individus

Organising power


Mr. Jacques Putzeys
Mr. Jacques Dufour

Founding members
Mr. Jacques Putzeys
Mr. Jacques Dufou

President of the executive board
Mr. André Henne

Mr. Jacques Putzeys

Members of the executive board
Mrs. Catherine Panos
Mr. Giuseppe Ferrante
Mr. Jacques Dufour


General Director
Samuel Gonzales-Puell

Administrative Manager
Xavier Cornil

Deputy Director
Virginie VanHemelryck

Members of the managing staff

Head clinical psychologist at the day centre
Marie Tebaldi

Educator – Group Leader at residential centre
Eva Guyot

Social Worker
Isabelle Bongartz

Medical Consultants

General Consulting Physician
Dr. Hugues Kinnard

Psychiatric Medical Consultant
Dr. Michel Deroover


Physio Therapists

Mr. David Desguin
Mrs. Rola Karkouh
Mr. Pierre Deward

Speech Therapists

Ms. Olivia Decoster
Ms. Amandine Mauroy


Mrs. Marion Fuentes