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Changeons la société, pas les individus

Jetti Giniewski - Wulfowicz

Her son Lucien, only son, is diagnosed with Down syndrome.

The discovery of this disability will overwhelm the family that only wanted to forget years of war conflict and persecution.

We are in the 50s, and realisation of the lack of structure for children with severe to profound mental disability quickly hits Mrs. Wulfowicz-Giniewski

Mrs. Wulfowicz-Giniewski will be part of the founders of the “Association Nationale d’Aide Aux Handicapés Mentaux” in other words the ANAHM. With the help of other parents with sons and daughters faced with a severe to profound mental disability, she created “l’Amicale Nationale des Déficients Mentaux Graves that will then become in 1977 – Espoir et Joie”.

The latter will take care of the mentally disabled persons and will give them the opportunity of integration, holidays, pedagogical help, local planning. But overall, she will try to sensibilise the public and the public powers to persons with disabilities and the needs they have.

Her idea is to create living spaces and thus reassures the future of those mentally disabled persons, term used at the time.

This idea finally becomes reality in 1977, when the "Centre Espoir et Joie" opens its doors as a day centre for 12 disabled adults and then a residential centre. Mrs. Wulfowicz is the vice-president since 1977; it’s been 40 years. 40 years at the service of the mentally disabled persons. Nobody will doubt the spiritual and physical strength of this woman, strength that she decided to put at service of the mentally disabled. Mrs.Wulfowicz is also very active with other associations that also are in relation with the mentally disabled persons.

She is part of various committees representing the parents association, in the consultation committees, where a big demand for a better quality of life for the more severe mentally disabled.

As we said Mrs. Wulfowicz is part of the founding members of the ANAHM, but also of the FARRA, that has 3 residential facilities, “The Centre de Vie”, the “Cercle Sportif Les Copains”, that is in charge of the sports games for the disabled and finally, she is the founder of the SAHAM an accompaniment service for the mentally disabled.

Her complete dedication is what defines her. She passed away in 2013 leaving a strong memory for those who knew her. Mrs. Wulfowicz-Giniewski received in 2000 the medal of honorary citizen of the city of Brussels and the region of Bruxelles Capital; as well as the medal of Israelite Consistory of Brussels.