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Accompaniment service for mentally disabled adults

Main mission: Accompaniment

The accompanying service SAHAM accompanies persons with a mild mental disability in order for them to gain autonomy while respecting their demands, their rhythm and their choice. The following projects can be put in place: looking for accommodation, looking for a job, using public transports, management of a personal budget, autonomy when organising their leisure and free time, being autonomous when eating and dressing, personal hygiene (learn to cook, go grocery shopping, take care of themselves,...) autonomy in communal life (being able to go grocery shopping, go to the bank, doing administrative work, .)
SAHAM also proposes teaching autonomy through the three accompanied flats.

Other missions: Accompanied accomodation

Each service can be certified by one or several complementary missions: “The accompanied accommodation: it is an accommodation available a handicapped person accompanied by the service for a determined period of time and can be renewed, for the purpose of increase his/her autonomy. The resulted accompaniment is essentially individual and concerning the area of everyday life.”*

Person of contact : Mr. Florent Playe , Director
Adress : Rue Gillebertus, 25. 1090 Jette
Tel/Fax : 02/426.26.19
Cell : 0473/52.11.28
Mail : saham@scarlet.be
Website : www.saham.be