Centre espoir et joie ASBL

Changeons la société, pas les individus


Welcome to our website you will find here all the necessary information concerning us and information concerning persons with an intellectual disability and/or associated disorders.
Informations about other institutions are also available.
We wish to stay in touch with you and we hope that getting to know us better will give you hope and joy (espoir et joie).

The way of acting in favor of people with intellectual disability

Day center (18 persons welcomed from 8 AM to 6 PM)
The day center offers spacious and comfortable living areas that allow them to stimulate their work and creativity while keeping warmth and fellowship.Retour ligne (...)

Residential centre

Welcomes 16 adults of all genders.
In general, an effort has been made in the atmosphere of the centre in order for it to be as cosy and warm as possible. The living space and the common spaces have been adapted in (...)

The day centre

Welcoming 34 adults with severe to profound I.D the day centre Espoir et Joie is composed of an educative and therapeutic team with different professionals among which lie physiotherapists, speech therapists, (...)